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Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos has many fine sandy beaches, unusual for a Greek island. The majority of them have tavernas or small snack bars and sunbeds and parasols area available on all the major beaches. They all have beautiful clear water but can become crowded in July and August.


Is almost a kilometre in length and with lovely fine sand and shallow water. It is backed by shady pine trees where one can take refuge in the heat of the day. This beach is very popular and, therefore, can get quite busy.

Koukounaries Koukounaries Koukounaries
Koukounaries Koukounaries Koukounaries
Koukounaries Koukounaries Koukounaries


Is a long and sandy beach which slopes gently into the sea. It is very popular with families and has a watersports school, boat rental and a taverna and snack bar. There are several smaller beaches nearby which can be difficult to get to on foot.

Troulos Troulos

Mandraki Peninsula

The beaches of Xerves, Elias and Agistri on the Mandraki peninsula are a thirty minute stroll through the pine woods behind Koukounaries beach and are much more peaceful.

Mandraki Mandraki Mandraki

Asellinos Beach

A very big beach on the north side of the island which never feels crowded and can be quite wild and impressive. The sea can have a nasty undertow when there are big waves. There is a taverna and beach bar.


Mikro Asellinos

As the name implies, this is a small and peaceful beach which is never crowded. There is a small snack bar.


Again on the north side and accessible from three different directions, this is a lovely peaceful beach. The stream from Kechria Monastery runs down to the sea here and there is a basic taverna run by a local goatherd and his wife.


A nice, pebbly beach and a wonderful spot from which to view the old town of Kastro. There is a small taverna selling omelettes and sandwiches.

Kastro Kastro Kastro


This is a very popular beach which has a taverna at one end and a very nice beach bar. It is particularly recommended for its water skiing.

Banana Beach

Has very fine sand, with shady pine trees at the back of the beach, a wonderful view of the Pelion peninsula across the sea and two small tavernas. It is reported to be the best spot for wind surfing.

Banana Banana Banana

Little Banana

This is the (unofficial) naturist beach where the majority of people swim and sunbathe in the nude. It has a small taverna which offers snacks.

Small Banana Small Banana


This is the biggest island off Skiathos to which caiques run regularly to visit the three large beaches here.

Tsougria Tsougria


Caiques will also take you from the old port to Lalaria which is famous for its rocks and can only be reached from the sea.

Lalaria Lalaria Lalaria Lalaria


This is another small island which you can visit by speed boat which has a stylish beach taverna in a wonderfully peaceful setting.

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