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We would like to include a few extra pieces of information which we think might be useful to visitors to the lovely island of Skiathos:

  • There are five banks in Skiathos town: National Bank of Greece (in the middle of Papadiamantis Street) Commercial Bank (in the old harbor) Alfa Bank (opposite & slightly to right of port gates Eurobank (on the ring road) Bank of Piraeus (top of Papadiamantis Street Opening hours are usually 08.00 – 14.00 Monday to Friday and all have ATMs. There are also several exchange offices and some hotels will also change currency.
  • The Post Office is at the top of Papadiamantis Street, opposite the high school and has a yellow sign “TAXYΔPOMEION”. It is usually open from 07.30 – 14.30, Monday to Friday.
  • Police – the police station can be found on the ring road, approximately 15 minutes walk from the centre of town. The port police can usually be found in the small office at the entrance to the port.
  • The telephone office (OTE) is located approximately half way up Papadiamantis Street from where you can make direct dial calls to anywhere in the world. You can purchase phone cards from OTE or at any of the yellow kiosks and there are also many public telephones in the town and along the main road.
  • The Health Centre is located near Agia Triada Church, above the area known as “Acropolis”. There are staff on duty 24 hrs per day but drop-ins are usually preferred in the morning. There are also several private doctors on the island.
  • Ticket Offices – Hellenic Seaways ticket office if opposite the main port gates, at the bottom of Papadiamantis Street. There are other ticket offices further around the harbor, away from the port gates.
  • Optician – there is a good optician approximately half way up Papadiamantis Street on the left side of the street.
  • Dentist – the private dentist can be found up the hill at the end of the high street
  • Pharmacies – there are several in Skiathos Town. Two pharmacies are on the main Papadiamantis Street with a third along one of the side streets.
  • Supermarkets – there are many larger supermarkets on the island, most of which are located along the ring road around Skiathos Town.
  • Mobile Phones – there is good reception for mobiles on the island.
  • Internet – There are internet cafes in Skiathos Town but most of the café bars along the harbor have WiFi for those visitors bringing their own equipment.
  • Laundry – there is a launderette on the small street which runs behind the Alpha Bank.

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